About Livewire

Livewire was founded in 1999 by Kent Kolstad in Alexandria, Minnesota.

From the start, Kent aimed to supply our region with world-class audio, video, lighting, scenery and staging for corporate events, conferences, non-profit galas, concerts, and theatrical events, of all shapes and sizes.

In our 23+ years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with thousands of event planners to bring high-quality, impactful, successful events to life.

Livewire is now based in Downtown Fargo, North Dakota, with a constant presence throughout the North’s greatest cities including Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Sioux Falls, Bismarck, St. Cloud, and Alexandria.

As we’ve grown, so has our reach. We've had the pleasure of working with clients on events across the country...with only 4 states left to cross off the list!

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Photo: J. Alan Paul Photography
Drone Focus 2017 | Fargo Civic Center


Livewire is Founded

Kent Kolstad launches Livewire, focusing on providing live audio and event production services in Alexandria, Minnesota.


Livewire Moves to New Location

Livewire moves to their new location in Downtown Fargo, and opens the LIVE@Livewire Black Box Event Space.



The Livewire team produces over 720 events nationally per year, and has a team of over 45 full-time staff members to serve its clientele!


Shelby Aho

Operations Lead
Lead Video Specialist

Travis Atwood

Installation and Retail Specialist

Ryan Babb

Director of Live Video Services

Zane Biles

Project Manager

Jonas Biles

Assistant Director of Live Audio Services

Heather Brown

Lighting Designer

Owen Christensen

Warehouse Operations Specialist

Ashley Coleman

Event Specialist

Chloe Crabtree

Project Manager

Mark Culpepper

Lighting Designer

Michael Dahl

Event Operations Specialist

Christopher Deroche

Director of Live Audio Services

Rochelle Dubbels

Accounting Manager

Ty Duncan

Event Specialist

Dustin Ellingson

Event Specialist

Charisse Galang

Operations Support Specialist

John Golembeck

Event Specialist - Operations

Jordan Green

Lighting Designer

Dani Haekenkamp

Customer Success Manager

Shauna Harper

Warehouse Manager

Cauy Hartel

Event Specialist - Video

Brittney Hogan

Customer Success Specialist

Josh Hunter

Event Specialist

Grace Hunter

Project Manager

Tor Kartenson

Event Specialist

Kent Kolstad


Indigo Leiseth

Project Manager

Merissa Leite

Live Event Video Specialist

Dalton Luther

Audio Engineer

Luke MacDonald

Warehouse Operations Specialist

Rachel Meyer

Audio Engineer

Mark Miller, Jr.

Director of Business Development - Minneapolis-Saint Paul

Shane Mondry

Event Specialist

Travis Naegle

Warehouse Operations Specialist

Michael Nelson

Audio/Lighting Specialist

Caden Nestler

Lighting Specialist

Ryan Nordskog

Lead Video Specialist

Katie Pipinich

Operations Support Specialist

Reed Rufer

Event Specialist

Noah Ruggery

Live Event Video Specialist

Riley Schumann

Event Specialist

Persephone Snow

Warehouse Operations Specialist

Samuel VanVleet

Event Specialist

Jon Walters

Warehouse Operations Specialist

Cooper Windahl

Event Specialist

Zeb Wolfe

Operations Specialist


We’re always on the lookout for people who are passionate about events, technology, and teamwork.

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